Monday, January 23, 2012

Teenage Girl Acne and Obesity

Most of us can think back to our teen years and remember that acne breakout right before a big event, like the prom or school photos.   And today's teens still have to work through this tough skin time period in their lives.  But for overweight or obese teen girls, acne might be an even tougher issue. 

Researchers recently questioned teenagers about their health and lifestyle habits.  They found a connection between acne and weight for girls, but surprisingly this same connection wasn't seen for boys.  These researchers found that girls who were overweight or obese also ended up reporting more overall problems with acne than those girls that were in the normal weight ranges. 

But what the researchers didn't know was what was causing this connection. It's possible that overweight and obese girls have more self image issues so simply end up paying closer attention to their skin issues as well.  But it's also possible that being overweight causes hormonal changes that can make acne worse.  Either way, getting weight under control, for teenage girls, and even boys for that matter, can go a long way towards improving their health.  And it might also help improve their skin at the same time.  

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